10 Definitive Ways Strong Tower Impacted My Business

After almost ten years in the trim carpentry business, Luke Reese (Owner of Reese Builders) reached out to Strong Tower Consulting wanting to know how he could take his business to the next level.

After almost three years of Strong Tower coming along side Reese Builders there have been many tangible benefits:


10 ways Strong Tower Consulting Made an Impact

  1. Doubled their revenue
  2. Doubled their size of their team
  3. Eliminated business debt
  4. Established solid retained earnings
  5. Help staying on task with items that needed to get done
  6. Created efficiencies internally
  7. Grown in confidence as a business owner
  8. Help working through challenges/problems
  9. Help determining next steps for their business
  10. Very personable

“I highly recommend Strong Tower Consulting for a new business all the way to an established one. There is always room to improve and grow your business to be more successful and Justin will help you reach those goals.”   – Luke Reese, Reese Builders Inc.

To find out how Strong Tower can impact your small business, click here for more information.

Justin Bennett

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