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With a good steady income and no debt, my wife and I felt we didn’t really need assistance with a budget.  But we were wrong.  We’d spent well over a year trying to “keep a closer eye” on our budget.  We used Mint for the longest time and always got discouraged at the amount of time it took to import, sort and track.  It was a part time job.

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Credit Card Freedom  800My husband and I had worked the baby steps in previous years and had actually gotten out of debt and moved on to step 3.  Then we stopped.  I think we got out of debt too easy by selling things and cashing out an investment and it didn’t “hurt” too bad.  It was fast and easy and relatively painless, which was not at all a good thing.  We didn’t change our attitudes about debt, apparently, because it wasn’t long before we got back into it again.

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Financial Wellness ROI

“The number one criteria to facilitate behavior modification are integrity. You have to be what you teach. This is followed very closely by passion. I’ve known Justin since moving to Iowa 5 years ago and he has consistently exemplified both, in spades. He has an excellent financial background and understands the pressures and practices of business, so he knows what he teaches and he delivers it in a way that draws you into the process on a very personal level. In preparing to offer the program, Justin and I spent many hours discussing why this was important to my business, exactly what I expected of the course (short and long term), and what resources were available to get it done. He then worked with me to tailor the schedule, class structure and cost elements to fill every need perfectly, well within budget. The bottom line is value. This program will pay off many times over in your business and in your employees’ lives.”

Dale L. Calendine, Plant Manager, Omnium – A Land O’Lakes Company

Helping Couples

“Both of us working together saved our finances and helped our marriage.” – Kevin & Becky Metzger, State Center, Iowa

“When we first met with our financial coach we had roughly $8,300 in debt, in ninety days we became debt free and saved six months worth of expenses in a fully funded emergency fund”– Steve & Brook Bensema, Ames, Iowa