Barbeque & Good Times

If you are like most American’s you have at least been to one barbeque this summer.  The excitement of firing up the grill, the atmosphere of hanging around family and friends is what a good barbeque is all about.  Having a good barbeque helps slow everything down in a fast paced world and gives us an opportunity to sit back and relax.  So what does a good barbeque have to do with money?


There is more to life than just money!

After enjoying my latest barbeque, it helped me remember how there are many things that are more important that money.  Sure money is important because it helps us buy the things we need (food, shelter, clothing and transportation), but it can also buy some of the fun things in life.  However, if we get too focused on money, we will miss what is really important.

In the book, “View From the Top”, by Zig Ziglar, he takes the time to explain what money can and cannot buy.  “Money will buy me a house, but it will not buy me a home.  Money will buy me a companion, but it will not buy me a friend.  Money will buy me a bed, but it will not buy me a good night’s sleep.  Money will buy me a good time, but it will not buy peace of mind.”

I think Zig hit the nail right on the head.  Another way that Zig explained it was, “If standard of living is your #1 priority, quality of life almost never improves.  But if quality of life is your #1 priority your standard of living almost always improves.”

This is just a friendly reminder that we talk a lot about money here; and it is good from time to time to remind ourselves that there is more to life than just money.

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Justin Bennett

  1. Great reminders from Zig and from you. And to think…

    Today is a great day, and focusing on quality of life is going to get me an even better tomorrow – YES!

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