No Debt and Still Need A Budget

With a good steady income and no debt, my wife and I felt we didn’t really need assistance with a budget.  But we were wrong.  We’d spent well over a year trying to “keep a closer eye” on our budget.  We used Mint for the longest time and always got discouraged at the amount of time it took to import, sort and track.  It was a part time job.

Until we met with Justin at Strong Tower Consulting, we didn’t realize that if we just created a better budget and controlled the spending on the front end, there was little need to use tracking like Mint since we already knew where it was going.  For us, we had a good handle on our finances and debt; we just needed some kind of program to follow that helped us set it all up.

Justin’s templates and worksheets did just that.  He made it easy to set up our plan and follow it and was there to answer all the random questions we had along the way.  We always thought we knew enough to do it ourselves, but we were amazed how that little bit of assistance got us on the right track.

In our first month, we cut our grocery expenses by 35% just by paying more attention.  We were amazed that we came in under our overall budget in our first month, all without any noticeable effect on our quality of life.  Every month we delayed, we were burning money as it easily paid for Justin’s affordable services the first month.

We’d recommend to anyone thinking about their spending and budget to take action and set up a consultation.

Derek and Sarah Hoy

Justin Bennett