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What is a Trusted Financial Partner?

At Strong Tower Consulting, we aim to educate you without selling any financial products. That being said, there are a handful of professional services that you will need when it comes to your personal finances. We want to help you create your financial board of directors that are willing to look out for your best interests, that also believe in the same finance philosophies that we do.

Our Trusted Financial Partners (TFP) are here to help serve your financial needs in the areas that require licensed professionals. Our TFPs will seek to understand your situation and provide education in their area of expertise. This will assist in uncovering your needs, options, and how they can help you move forward with your financial plan.

Bottom line they teach first then provide solutions to your needs. We have vetted all of our TFPs professionals to ensure they both believe in our philosophies and will provide outstanding customer service. Our network currently covers the following areas: Real Estate, Investing, Insurance, and Tax Services.

Any questions about our TFP program email us.

Want to become a TFP?  Email us to find out more information.