Three Ways to Stick To Your Financial Plan


January is nine days from being over.  One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is to get on a financial plan where you save more, spend less and get out of debt.  How are you doing with your financial plan?  Would you like to get further ahead and see more progress?



Goals can be easy to set, but difficult to achieve.  Consider what Michael Hyatt shared in one his blogs on goal setting recently.

  • 25% of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions after one week.
  • 60% of people abandon them within six months. (The average person makes the same New Year’s resolution ten separate times without success.)

With the odds not in your favor you may be thinking of throwing in the towel.  The good news is that there are three definitive things you can do to meet your financial goals and get ahead with your money.

  1. Your Plan Must Be In Writing – It goes without saying, if your plan is not written down it is an almost guaranteed failure. Think about when you go grocery shopping without a list.  What outcome does that typically generate?  If you are like me,not a very favorable one.  Either you forget something or end up purchasing other items that were not needed.  However, when you have a list (or a plan with your finances), you get what you set out to get with very little stress.
  2. Share Your Plan – I would not recommend posting your plan on Facebook. However, if you are married, you need to make sure you are in agreement with your plan.  If not, it is going to be very difficult to paddle up stream.  If you are single, we encourage you to find an accountability partner – someone that you can trust to hold you accountable to your financial goals.
  3. Financial Coach – This is not just some shameless plug to get you to sign up for coaching. Many people feel embarrassed to seek out a financial coach.  The reality is almost all of our clients after meeting with a coach wish they would have done it much sooner.  Sometimes it is not the knowledge that is lacking, it is the accountability.  See what Laura had to say below.

 “Having someone in your corner guiding you and loudly cheering for you is priceless.  The best part is – it is the kind of ‘priceless’ that isn’t going to be a new  charge on credit card statement but rather a reduction in your balance.” – Laura; West Des Moines

If you want to get recommitted to your game plan or not sure where to start, now is the time to begin working with a financial coach.  We offer a free one hour coaching session that could be the beginning of getting some peace and hope back to your financial plan.  Click on the link below and take control of your hard earned money today.

Free One Hour Coaching Session

Justin Bennett

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