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We celebrate the end of another year and have anticipation of the year to come.  With the anticipation comes the infamous New Year’s resolution (to improve our lives in one form or another).  If you were to take a poll on the top ten New Year’s resolutions you will find going on a diet, quitting smoking/drinking and spending more time with family on everyone of those lists.  The other resolution that does rank high on these top ten lists is getting control of our finances.  Whether that means sticking to a budget, getting out of debt or learning how to save money; these are goals that most of us want to aim for each year.   Sometimes however, we never take the first step.  Why? Continue Reading…

Helping Couples

“Both of us working together saved our finances and helped our marriage.” – Kevin & Becky Metzger, State Center, Iowa

“When we first met with our financial coach we had roughly $8,300 in debt, in ninety days we became debt free and saved six months worth of expenses in a fully funded emergency fund”– Steve & Brook Bensema, Ames, Iowa

During your free consultation this is a chance for you to meet your coach face to face. Then you can determine if this is someone you can trust to take your finances to the next level. This also gives your coach the opportunity to find out more about your current situation and what goals you would like to see accomplished.

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