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Benjamin and Crystal are living proof that you do not have to live paycheck to paycheck.  Multiple studies site that 70-80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.  Benjamin and Crystal were no different.



However, they made a decision that life is too short to stay this way and the transformation they made in just 90 days was absolutely incredible.

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Justin Bennett AIB Exec
Almost everyone that comes into see us has a desire to give at some level. Whether that’s tithing to their local church, giving to a worthy cause, or volunteering their time to help others, the desire to give is embedded in the fabric of our being.
Justin was recently interviewed by his Alma Mater AIB College of Business about making giving a priority. In fact, why not make it top priority in your budget?
If we don’t put giving first in the budget, we’re more likely to get to the bottom and rationalize ourselves out of giving.
Read the article in the AIB Exec Magazine (page 7) below, and then leave a comment on this post about your experience with adding giving into your budget.