Go for the Win!

Dave I and MoneyIn the spirit of the Olympics I thought it would be fun to share a story that illustrates how competing in sports can relate to how we handle our finances.

I will always remember when I competed in the Iowa Games my fourth grade year in Ames, Iowa.  At that time, that was the biggest stage I had ever been in competition.  I was competing with all of the other top bowlers in the state that was in my age group.  There I stood in the third and final game and I was in the running to get a medal.  I was very nervous and then half way through the final game I did something really embarrassing.

I threw my bowling ball down the alley while the gate was down and consequently my ball smacked the gate and there was a loud “bam” that followed.  It was not until my ball was halfway down the lane when I realized what I had just done.  My heart sank.  I had what seemed to be a million thoughts running through my mind.  My first thought was how I could have not seen the gate was going down and how embarrassing this was.  My second thought was my parents are going to kill me.  Then I started to wonder if a mistake like that would disqualify me.  I had no idea, I have never seen someone do that before in competition (and apparently the officials had not either).

The decision was made that I would get a zero for that throw and would get to throw my second ball for that frame.  When it was all said and done, I tied for second place.  I was excited to be standing on the podium to receive my silver medal.  How does the subject of money relate to my story?

The truth is I work with a lot of individuals and families that have made some bad money choices and they are completely embarrassed that their decisions have put them in the place that they are in.  At the same time they feel that there is no hope for them to dig themselves out of this hole.  However, after working with me for 90 days, most of my clients make HUGE strides towards their goals and have the hope and confidence that they can win with money.  Here are a few of the many testimonies I have received.

Not only was I able to get caught up with all of my bills, but I was also able to pay off $7,000 in debt in 90 days! – Curtis; Pleasant Hill, Iowa

We have seen a major turnaround with our finances! We have paid off $6,800 in debt in 90 days!! – Marty & Sarah; Des Moines, Iowa

I feel like I have turned my life around. For the first time I actually feel like I have control of my life and my money. – Katie; Urbandale, Iowa

If you would like to go from being embarrassed about your current financial situation and take control of your life; click here and schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation.  There is still time for you to go for the gold and win with your money.

Justin Bennett

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