Paying Off Debt – Third Time is a Charm!

Credit Card Freedom  800My husband and I had worked the baby steps in previous years and had actually gotten out of debt and moved on to step 3.  Then we stopped.  I think we got out of debt too easy by selling things and cashing out an investment and it didn’t “hurt” too bad.  It was fast and easy and relatively painless, which was not at all a good thing.  We didn’t change our attitudes about debt, apparently, because it wasn’t long before we got back into it again.

Finally we had had enough and I was searching for a way out.  I contacted bankruptcy lawyers for information but my husband wasn’t on board with it.  Then I found Justin.  During our first phone conversation I found him to be extremely encouraging and genuine.  My husband and I decided to meet with him for a consultation.  And as a result of that consultation we felt we would benefit from seeing him again.

Justin explained things to us in a way that helped us realize what we were doing wrong AND that we could easily turn things around.  We were feeling completely hopeless prior to meeting Justin but he helped us change our attitudes and we started on the path towards financial peace.

Though our income hasn’t changed, we somehow managed to put $1,000 in savings and payoff $31,200 in debt by selling two vehicles and buckling down on following a budget.  It was all a matter of setting our minds to the task in front of us, which Justin motivated us to do.

Thank you, Justin, for your help and dedication.  We may have filed bankruptcy if not for you!

Margaret and Reno; Waukee, Iowa

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Justin Bennett